Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lack of Blog Posts....

So, as anyone can see... I have not posted on my blog for months and months.

I guess the death of my Dad has a lot to do with that. I miss Dad soooo much, as do my sisters and brother, all the spouses and relatives as well. My immediate family is very large... I've lost count even... but there are over 75 of us (sisters, brother, spouses, our kids, grandkids, my sibblings kids, spouses and grandkids too) ...

Anyway ... we've all been busy being with Mom, taking care of her, spending overnights, and doing family things ... time gets away from us often.

It's easier to post things on Facebook too, so many of my photos and things are there instead of here.

But, I am hoping I can maybe do a back date of some of the things that have happened since June that I have not posted about. I used to use my blog as a kind of diary, and it was fun to do that, and look back. I want to have that record for my kids, grandkids and family still, I hope to update, or continue on from this point in posts.

Bear with me, I am still around, just doing things differently now too.