Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grilled muenstercheese-portabellamushroom-tomato-whiteasparagus sandwich .. YUM!!

Oh, yeah, with a side of white asparagus.  That's what was for dinner tonite!! ...yuuuuuummmmmmmm

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Independence Day AND In Dependence Day

My Sunday School Class displayed their artistic talents this last Sunday as we discussed the upcoming holiday ... the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day.  But, we also discussed a twist on that by talking about "In Dependence Day", and what it meant to each of us.

Their drawings and their comments were saved, and after scanning them, I put together an insert that will be in this coming Christ Church Sunday bulletin.  Well done kids!  Budding artists who share their faith thru their art, and with heartfelt comments too! 

Note: These pages were run off back to back, and then folded in to get the correct order of them, take the right side of the 1st page as page 1, then the left and right side of the second page as page 2 and 3...and then back to the left side of the first page as page 4.  ALSO, click on each photo page to get a larger version, easier to read.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grandson Overnight Fun!

After the Kid's Kamp Event at Church, two of our grandsons spent the night and part of Saturday here.

We had a fun time hearing their funny stories and on Saturday morning, after all of us sleeping in late...we made a delicious breakfast of eggs in hash cups, and bacon. While it was baking, the boys tried their hand at painting some wooden vehicles... kind of reminded me of the golf cart they once had for camping.

Took a breakfast break to let the paint
dry, and watched cartoons while
we ate.

Filling the pools.
Time at Gramma and Gramp's wouldn't be complete without some "red-neck" swimming in the "pools" on the deck! *lol*

Showering in the pool.

Enjoying the water in their pools.

A little cold until Gramma added
some warm water from inside.

Red-neck swimming at it's best!
Had a fun time with you boys!!  Love you!

Now it's time for a nap for ME!!  .....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kid's Kamp / Parent's Nite Out Event

Thankful for all the adults who helped,
especially daughter Kasey shown here
helping with tent decorations.
What a busy day and night! I spent the afternoon getting things out for the event, making popcorn for 20+, gathering up the supplies, food and more. Our Church sponsored a Kid's Kamp / Free Parent's Nite Out night for kids in the community. We had a great bunch of kids, lots of activities and fun! 15 kids and 6 adult chaperones enjoyed a fun night with the children while parents enjoyed a night out. Some told us they went out to dinner and a movie, went shopping, or just stayed home and enjoyed some quiet time, or time to catch up on other things. Here are some photos from the event ...

Grandson Jeff, proud of his tent
creation, soon to take it out to
Kid's Kamp for more fun!

Thanks to Mark too, one of 6 adult chaperones.

Kasey helping design another
tent for one of the kids.

Jeff with his tent design

Tent City in the Parish Hall, soon to
take them out to the garden courtyard
for Kid's Kamp fun!
Jonah & the Big Fish Lesson
and sing-along around the
 After setting up their tents in the Garden Courtyard, we had some singing around the campfire, and a bible sharing on Jonah and the giant fish, as well as a lesson on being lights, and not hiding our light (our witness of Jesus) under a bushel, or in a bag, but instead, letting our light shine, sharing the good news of Jesus with everyone. 

I bet when Jeff is older, he won't mind
at all that his tent is next to the girls!

Oh, oh!  Looks like some of the kids
faced the same fate as Jonah...
swallowed and spending time inside
the belly of the giant fish!

Is it time to get out of this fish yet?

Games, hotdog and marshmallow roasts and more were part of the fun for Kid's Kamp.
Roasting hotdogs.

Yum! Hotdog roast!

Sponge Tag!

Wet sponges, hot day = good way to
cool off and have fun!
Insect Capture!  Unfortunately no fireflies
showed up, but we did have glow in the
dark insects to capture!

Marshmallows roast to perfection!

Drying off after Sponge Tag and
roasting marshmallows.
And then it was movie and popcorn time!
A way to wind down, or so we thought!

Movies & Popcorn.. yum!
Great evening, great kids!  I am especially thankful for all the other adult chaperones who came to help:  Pat, Carol, Mark, Teresa and Kasey.. GREAT JOB ALL!

Happy 61st Anniversary Dad and Mom!

June 22nd...Dad and Mom married in Fairbanks, Alaska...(I also was able to be in Fairbanks a couple of years later for about 5 - 6 months, but, unfortunately, they never let me out to see the place - heh heh..conceived there, but born in CO where Dad was transferred.)   This photo was taken after the wedding, on the church steps, on or near the AF Base.

Love you Dad and Mom!! xoxox

Happy 61st Anniversary... and many more!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ECVA's Call to Artists - Art You're Doing This Summer

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts is doing a little bit different call for their latest one to artists ... send an image of the art you've created this summer and the Editor will choose among the entries to post on the Art Blog at Episcopal Café.   Email a picture of your art between June 21 through September 21, 2012.  See details for the call here.

Dryer Lint - Missing Socks - The Mystery Revealed!

After a late night nap, and waking up to remember my laundry detail, I have determined that dryer lint is really just all the cremated remains of all our missing socks!!  *lol*  May they rest in peace!

If socks were gloves
And pants were shirts
And skirts went up, not down
Then life would make
So much more sense
If we were upside-down
(If Socks Were Gloves by Jaymie Gerard)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have been following a blog that I think is wonderful....  some may think it's not so funny, but I get a lot of laughs from the posts, and enjoy the art that is part of it as well.   I suppose one reason I like it is because the author shows some unusual religious art from hundreds of years ago, that is actually a bit bizarre in some cases..*L*   I can relate, since I know some people think the same of my art assemblages, which are in no way as good as the art at this blog.

None-the-less, check out this great blog... The Squishy Jesus Taxonomy   and enjoy the comments on the art...hilarious!  (btw, go with a sense of humor!).

Here is one example .... and comment that goes with it...

Madonna and Child,  By Hans Holbein
72 × 55 cm
Sammlung Julius Böhler, Munich, Germany

"Alright kid--you're supposed to suck on that thing, not look at it all sideways and confused....
Also, those putti holding up the cloth behind you have fantabulous wings!!!! Can I have one?"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun!

Sunday School kids were a big help!
We had a really wonderful day honoring the men at our Church after the Service with a Pot-Luck Appetizer and Brat/Hotdog Roast.  The Sunday School kids helped me set up for it.  We made chocolate covered strawberries for the men, and they helped me get the fire in the firepit started, poured carafes with juice, added chips to bowls, set out the buns and more!  Good job in helping and honoring the men in our lives, kids!

Congrats Grads!
We also honored those graduating from junior high, high school and college after the service and before the brunch began.  Congrats to Pat, Jesi, Ian and Wally (and to Laura, not pictured, who had to work).

Using the new firepit in the garden courtyard seemed to be a hit for all ages too!


And we had some delicious appetizers and side dishes that everyone brought! Yummm!

Later that afternoon we headed out to Dad and Mom's for a Father's Day get together and pizza!
I had 5 reels of photos I made from Image 3D, and a couple of viewmasters that we gave my Dad, which he LOVED!!! It was so fun to see him laugh at the old photos I had dug up, and to hear the stories he told from the memories of the hunting times, and family times.

It was a great afternoon, and wonderful day!  Happy Father's Day Dad!! xoxox
John, John and Bill enjoying Dad's stories.