Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Portrait of the Self: Lent 2008 Self-Examination

Here is my entry that has been submitted to ECVA for the Call to Artists for Portrait of the Self. My daughter took some "professional" photos of it for me, and it makes it look GREAT! (thanks Kasey!).
My artist statement tells more about this piece: The invitation we received at the begining of Lent,(inviting us to observe a holy lent, with self examination) as found in the Book of Common Prayer pg. 265, helped form my entry for Portrait of the Self: Lent 2008 Self-Examination.

In the lower right, things that keep me separated & distant from God; in the glass vial are scrolls; greed, pride, lusts; dry bones, darkness, frowning masks and other "evils". They are put behind the "ME" thanks to Christ's sacrifice, which even evil recognizes, as shown by the crucifix held by the agent of death around the vial. The lower left side is a foundation of the spiritual dwelling, as living stones, I am being built into myself. (1Peter 2:5)

The ME represented in this piece has a collection of masks over one eye - I too mask some things, hide them from others, and am not as open as I should be with God. The tear is sorrow at my sins, many still present, yet also represents tears of joy that God loves me despite my failures. The door handle on the outside reminds me that Jesus stands at the door and knocks, waiting on me to open to Him.

The hands of ME represent willingness to give to others, and share Christ's love from my heart, and I cling to the cross, to the sacrifice of the One who is the Lover of my soul. Inside the lower part of ME is a small child, sucking her thumb - my inner child, trusting, yet afraid at times, to take the needed steps of faith.

The decorative finial at the top, represents the glory of heaven, a place too awesome to fully describe or represent. I know that I am still searching the ME that God made, I also know God knows ME fully, and I look forward to the time when I will know God fully too, for now I know in part, but then I will know face to face. (1 Corinthians 13:12)


Click on this link at Episcopal Church and Visual Arts "Portrait of Self" Exhibit to see this piece included and many other great art pieces in the exhibition there too!


Leah Sparks Arts said...

I have to say that I truly enjoy your work. Found Object art is one of my favorites especially if it has a deep meaning. My favorite work to do is a contemporary for of mixed media and found object. I have merged into some other forms of art of the past few year but still love to create originals. Do you have any suggestions of contest and exhibitions for Christian artists?

Name: Roberta said...

Thank you very much Leah! I took a peek at your blog and saw some of your mixed media art..very nice too! I often enter online call for artists at the ECVA site (Episcopal Church and Visual Arts)www.ecva.org , it's not just for Episcopalians, there are many denominations and interfaith artists there. To enter their calls (about 4 - 5 of them per year), you'll need to be a part of The Artist Registry http://ecva.org/artists/registry.html , which is FREE...although they also offer the chance to donate to that as well, but it is not necessary to do so.

If you find any others please do let me know too!