Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making May Day Baskets

When I was a child, we always did the tradition of May Baskets on May 1st.  Mom would make cone shaped baskets out of old wall paper sample books, add a handle, and fill it with popcorn, and candies, and sometimes a flower or two.  We'd take them around to all our neighbors homes (to the other kids), and friends homes.   We'd run to their front door, hang the basket on the handle or set it in front of the door, ring the doorbell, or knock on the door, and then RUN!   If the person who was receiving the basket ran after us, and caught us before we got home, or back to the car, then they got to kiss us!  It was always a fun time, and many in our neighborhood used to do it with each other.   It was also fun to surprise those who never had heard of this childhood tradition, and give them a basket of goodies.

When I had children, we also did May Baskets for the neighborhood kids, and other friends, and enjoyed it just as much!

Now that our kids are grown, I still do a few May Baskets, for my Mom, and my Aunt Shirley, and for the grandkids.

These are some I started about 8 - 9 days ago... used fast growing grass seed in potting soil, spritzed it twice daily, in a sunny window, and after about 4 days the grass started growing.  It grows very fast and is very green... love the color of it, reminds me that Spring is here (well, for us lately, Spring has just started, since we've had snow so late this year, and cold weather too.)

So, tomorrow, I'll deliver these grass and flower May Baskets, and then some others with treats and candy in them for the grandkids too.

Happy May Day, a day early!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Great Goodwill Treasure Find....

So, this morning, our church newsletter company calls and says the Good Newsletter is ready to pick up.
I never mind going to get it (45 minutes away), since I usually can make a stop at one or two (or three or more) Milwaukee area Goodwil...ls on the way back...ok, it's an around about way home, but still a fun trip.
But I got going late this afternoon, too many end of the month things to finish....so I wasn't going to stop at any place, but, that New Berlin Goodwill store was just calling out to me as I passed by it...So, I thought, okay, just 10 minutes, that's ALL!
And look at my great deal I found! A great plant stand, perfect to put some gorgeous plants in to use for the Mother's Day Basket Drawing at church, and it was ONLY $2.99!!
Now, should I paint it some other color, or leave it black? I'm glad I listened to that Goodwill muse calling me! *ha!*
Look for further photos once I plant this in the next few days!  Can't wait!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Playing around with some ideas....Baby Shoes - Teeth

So, I saw some shoes when I was surfing the net, they were men's oxford shoes with teeth around the bottom of them... since I have a lot of dental samples that I found a while back, I decided to try something similar, but on a pair of bronzed baby shoes. 

I happened to have this large marble molar that I dug out of my stash of treasures too.   So, now what direction will these items take??  *lol*

Maybe I can make it into something that a dentist would like??

For now, I'm just enjoying the weirdness of these..... 


Friday, April 26, 2013

Treated to a DEEElicious Dinner!!

I spent the night with Mom last night, and we were treated to a gourmet dinner!  Father Bill made us stuffed pork chops, glazed carrots and baby potatoes, and for dessert, cheesecake with strawberries!

YUMMMMM!!  Neither one of us could eat it all, but we saved it for lunch today!   It's so great to have such a caring friend.  Thanks Father Bill!!

Also took a photo of the beautiful flowers that family friends, the O'Brien's, had given to Mom for Dad's funeral.  They are blooming and growing so good in the window Mom has them in.

Mom and I went through some of Dad's things, and Mom gave me a leather jacket that was Dad's.  It was one I had used a wood burning tool and burned some pictures of an Indian, and animals on for Dad.  I may have to re-burn it since the years have faded it a lot.  It's a keepsake that I'll treasure forever, as well as the memories of Dad liking it so much.  Thanks Mom!! xoxo

Monday, April 22, 2013

Growing Butterflies for Pentecost Release...

Last year, for Pentecost, at our Church, we had a butterfly release ...symbolic of the release of the Holy Spirit, which is what Pentecost is all about, (read Acts, chapter 2 for more info).   We had such a fun time with "growing" butterflies and their release with both adults and kids, that we decided to try it again this year.

Preparing the food for the caterpillars.

Transferring the larva into individual

Larva/Caterpillars inside their
temporary homes.

So, today the butterfly larva arrived in the mail, and I dished out the food the caterpillars would be eating so they could turn into chrysalis' and then hatch into butterflies.   It takes about 3 weeks, so, I am hoping we will have 80 of these painted lady butterflies for Pentecost on May 19th!

More photos to come later as we go thru the metamorphasis....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saying Goodbye isn't EVER easy... My friend (and co-worker's) Deb's Retirement Party

My friend, Deb, is retiring ... I've known her for 12 years, since she started working at Christ Church as the secretary.  This is a bittersweet time, we have been good friends, and had a lot of fun in ministry together, as well as both being Goodwill-a-holics.  We've often traveled together on days off to Goodwill's around WI, and had fun getting treasures.

I've had her boys in our Youth Group too for many years, and watched them grow up.  (I can't see how they can be so old and we haven't aged that much..ha!)

Giving Deb a Retirement Survival
Kit, which included a special
pillow for relaxing during her
Deb worked part time for our Church as well as for the United Methodist Church, where she is a member.
We had a great working relationship, and I will miss, not only my
co-worker, but my great friend as well.

A Clock was part of the Survival Kit
Her time is now her own, she doesn't
have to "watch the clock" anymore!

A planter from the Vestry members
was presented by Ann.

Here are some photos from her party today ... Love you Deb!! 

We'll surely miss you and are so thankful for the ways you brought God's love into the ministry you did at Christ Church! xoxoxo

I made this wall
hanging, RELAX
for Deb.
Decoupaged with
pages from the Bible..
to remind her to relax
as well as to
"rest in the Lord".

Deb with sons, Chris and Jeremy
at the Reception in her honor.
Me and Deb

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwing in the towel...

Saw this ....  So true lately! 

Enough said.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Today was Dad's Funeral... Celebrating the life of Jerry Gifford

My Dad died on March 27th, it was Holy Week, so a funeral wasn't possible during that week or weekend, plus our Church hosted the Emergency Homeless Shelter during that week as well, and so, we put off Dad's visitation and funeral until yesterday, and today.

Since I work at Christ Church, I wanted to be the one to do Dad's funeral bulletin.  Our family met together with Fr. John (our temporary supply priest), and we decided the hymns, scripture lessons, and things we needed for it.  

I made this bulletin cover, with photos of Dad, for it as well.  We wanted this not to be a mourning of Dad's death, but instead, a celebration of Dad's life.

Our family was overwhelmed yesterday at the number of people who came to show their respects for our Dad at the Visitation.  From 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. was the time for it, but the lines were long all during that time, and extended well down the block as well as inside the church.  It was after 8 p.m. by the time we greeted and thanked all who had stood in line, some for over 2 hours!  We just guess-timated on the numbers who came, probably went over 800 people!

Our thanks and love to all who came to the visitation and funeral, and expressed such kind comments for us about Dad.  It truly meant a lot to us all!

Each of us, during the funeral, had a chance to share something about Dad, and we did.  It was a time of tears, and some laughing as we fondly remembered stories and jokes and things about Dad.  I think Dad would have been crying and laughing right along with us all.  And the hymns and praise we chose were awesome too, thank you Christ Church Music Ministry, especially Susanne and Ron Nelson, and Tanya and Mike who did a duet of the Lord's Prayer as well...we SOOO appreciate you all!
I even had several family members as well as friends come to me after the funeral and say, "I want these exact same hymns for my own funeral!"... guess we have a lot of pre-planned ones now too.

And special thanks to the women (and men), of Christ Church for the funeral, luncheon, love and compassion shown to all our family.  Thank you especially to friend and church family member, Patricia Leverick, for all she did in getting this together for so many people!  We had tables set up for the luncheon upstairs in all areas, as well as in the Parish Hall....it was amazing at how many people we could actually fit in for a luncheon!  THANK YOU!!

God has blessed us with a terrific man of God, in our Dad, and with a wonderful extended family and friends in so many ways!! xoxox  Our love and thanks to you all!


Dad's Obituary.....

Jerry Brooks Gifford * 4/12/1931 - 3/27/2013

Jerry Brooks Gifford, 81, Delavan, died unexpectedly at St. Luke's, Milwaukee, on Wed., Mar. 27, 2013.

Jerry was born April 12, 1931, in Delavan, WI, the son of Harry G. Gifford and H. Rita (Crary) Gifford. Jerry graduated from Delavan High School in 1949, and was an infamous member of the Hatless Harrys. After high school he joined the U. S. Air Force and served in the Korean Conflict, stationed in Alaska and Colorado.

He married Barbara Mitchell June 22, 1951, in Fairbanks, Alaska. Jerry returned to Delavan, and worked for a short time as a police officer with the City of Delavan. He joined Lange Tree Experts; and, later started his own company, Gifford Tree Service, which is still in operation, and from which he recently retired.

He was very active at Christ Episcopal Church, serving as an acolyte (for 70 years), as a member of the Vestry, and Senior and Junior Warden.  He actively participated in various ministries, helping with the Walworth County Emergency Overnight Homeless Shelter when it was held at Christ Church. Jerry was a member of Delavan American Legion Post 95.

Jerry was active in political life as well, he served several terms as Delavan Town Chairman and as Side Supervisor.   Jerry was on the Spring Grove Cemetery Board of Directors, and lately has helped in the restoration of the Civial War Monument there. 

Jerry was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying nature, walks in the woods with his family and walks with his dogs too.  He enjoyed canoeing, kayaking and camping with family and friends, hunting and fishing, often with long time hunting buddies, along with his son, son-in-laws, and grandsons in northern WI, TN, and Ontario, Canada.

Jerry is survived by his wife of 62 years, Barbara (Mitchell) Gifford; and their children: Roberta (John) Karstetter of Delavan, Chellie (Bill) Pelnar of Delavan, Susan (Todd) Kearney of Lodi, WI, Peggy (Mel) Nieuwenhuis of Delavan, Harriett (Mark) Peterson of Delavan, Sandra (Charlie) Getka of Elkhorn, WI, Jerry (Lisa) Gifford of Lake Geneva, and Erica Mills of Greendale. 

Jerry and Barb also have a continuing, growing family including 41 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Jerry is also survived by his sister, Shirley (Gifford) Abell of Delavan, andbrother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins and loving friends.

In lieu of other expressions of sympathy, donations may be made to Christ Episcopal Church of Delavan, WI.

Visitation will be held Thursday, April 4th from 2 until 6 p.m. at CHRIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 503 E. Walworth Ave., Delavan, WI.  The Funeral will be held Friday, April 5th at 10:30 a.m. at CHRIST CHURCH, with a luncheon following in the Christ Church Parish Hall. BETZER FUNERAL HOME assisted the family.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dad's Cherished Items...

Staying with my Mom tonight, I went into Dad's office... Dad has all his cherished treasures in that room .. and it shows!  What Dad valued most he displayed... the walls of his office show how much he loved his family, and all the kids and grandkids... there are hundreds of photos of us all on his walls.  A nice remembrance to us all of how much he loved us.

And then there is his boot wall...  Dad had boots for all sorts of weather, and for work and play, for hunting and hiking.  These are just a few of his boots.

A bittersweet time, looking at all Dad's stuff ... for now, it's all staying put, and I'm glad it is.  I miss you Dad! I love you!  xoxo