Monday, April 22, 2013

Growing Butterflies for Pentecost Release...

Last year, for Pentecost, at our Church, we had a butterfly release ...symbolic of the release of the Holy Spirit, which is what Pentecost is all about, (read Acts, chapter 2 for more info).   We had such a fun time with "growing" butterflies and their release with both adults and kids, that we decided to try it again this year.

Preparing the food for the caterpillars.

Transferring the larva into individual

Larva/Caterpillars inside their
temporary homes.

So, today the butterfly larva arrived in the mail, and I dished out the food the caterpillars would be eating so they could turn into chrysalis' and then hatch into butterflies.   It takes about 3 weeks, so, I am hoping we will have 80 of these painted lady butterflies for Pentecost on May 19th!

More photos to come later as we go thru the metamorphasis....

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