Monday, April 29, 2013

Great Goodwill Treasure Find....

So, this morning, our church newsletter company calls and says the Good Newsletter is ready to pick up.
I never mind going to get it (45 minutes away), since I usually can make a stop at one or two (or three or more) Milwaukee area on the way back...ok, it's an around about way home, but still a fun trip.
But I got going late this afternoon, too many end of the month things to I wasn't going to stop at any place, but, that New Berlin Goodwill store was just calling out to me as I passed by it...So, I thought, okay, just 10 minutes, that's ALL!
And look at my great deal I found! A great plant stand, perfect to put some gorgeous plants in to use for the Mother's Day Basket Drawing at church, and it was ONLY $2.99!!
Now, should I paint it some other color, or leave it black? I'm glad I listened to that Goodwill muse calling me! *ha!*
Look for further photos once I plant this in the next few days!  Can't wait!

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