Friday, December 5, 2008

The Bailey Family Assemblages

The inspiration for this "family" came from a pitcher and mug I found that were advertisements for Bailey's Irish Cream. I used teapots, sugar dishes, candlesticks and more to create this family.

The Bailey's son was originally a hard boiled egg holder, he is shown with his pet dog jumping at his feet.


Anonymous said...
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John Robertson said...

Thank you for your recent comments that you left on my blog I really appreciate it. I had an opportunity to look at your blog and really enjoyed seeing the work you do. I love the whimsical nature of the work. It is fun and fascinating to see what others are doing with odd objects, photos and text. It is re-affirming to know there are others around that see the world through an odd lens. I also noticed you participate in the CROP walk. I’ve been designing tee shirts and help organize our local CROP walk for the last ten years. It’s a good cause to support.

All my best to you, John

Roberta said...

Thank you John, for the comments and for taking a look at my blog and art. I look forward to checking out what art you'll be making in the future on your blog.
Cool about your involvement with the Crop Walk as well, and I agree - very good cause!