Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Storm Today....

Looks like we won't be doing any grilling on the back deck today, eh? *L*

These photos were at about 7:30 am ... the snow is still coming down hard too.

Love snow storms like this... well, as long as it's not ME that has to plow or shovel it... *S*

Hubby is out now starting to plow for the first time today... bet he has to go back several times through out the day.

Anyway.... since it's a snow day here for me it will be a good chance to get the house decorated and cleaned! Especially since I have Kasey home to help too!

More photos later....
I took an idea from my daughter who did a photoshop of our deck umbrella and turned it into a Christmas tree... here are our masterpieces! *L*
As you can see, we aren't getting much decorated around the house..but our blogs look festive! *L*

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