Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The sucky economy is hitting close to home...

On Monday afternoon our daughter called, she had been laid off from her photography job, which she has had for the last 4 years. She transferred to IL to the new studio that her company opened about a year and a half ago, to be assistant manager and one of the head photographers and she was enjoying the new aspect of that venture. She gave up her life in Milwaukee and made the move... unfortunately she is one of the latest victims of this recession, which seems to be bordering fast on a depression. I went down to her apartment on Monday afternoon, spent the night, we cried together, prayed together, had comfort foods, some liquid libations, watched some TV, surfed the internet for jobs, cameras, info...and just commiserated together. She may have to move home, but to break her lease is MAJOR $$$$, so for now, she is staying put, and giving herself some time to explore options.

It really does suck... and my heart breaks for her too. And for her company, who had to lay off many others and is facing some bad times, and more decisions for their future operations too.

And since the weather has been so horrible here lately, and some building jobs have been put on hold until after summer, hubby is also home and had to lay off his crew.

And we are just a small part of the growing unemployment picture...
There are many who are so much worse off....I can't imagine, Lord have mercy on us ALL!

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