Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Angel Granddaughter...

Since Kasey has been laid off from her photography studio, she has been searching the net for good deals on cameras and equipment so she can do more freelance photography for other places and on her own as well. On Saturday we went to Good Will and she found some old blue material that she brought home and spray painted a background to it so she could use it as a back drop for photos. She used it in taking some photos of our granddaughter, Jorden. They turned out SOOO cute!!

We took some props from the costume dept. at Church, used some things we had here at home and managed to keep Jorden smiling enough to snap some wonderful photos! I even like the ones where she is not so happy... *L* "This angel work isn't all fun and games you know.", said Jorden.

And then Kasey also took some wonderful Christmasy photos of Jorden in her new Christmas dress that Kasey bought for her and a few with Daddy Kaine and Jorden...they are adorable too!!

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