Friday, November 21, 2008

Tin Man - The Early Months

*EDITED* (I've added to this piece since I had posted it here, since this baby appears to be about the age of my granddaughter, I put an old tarnished number 8 on the funnel hat - the age that Jorden will be in another week, 8 months old).

Here's my finished tin man baby (Tin Man - 8 Months Old)... I used an old baby doll that my friend Randy passed on to me. It was one of the toys in his mom's house that the children and grandchildren played with. Randy's mom died recently, and he was cleaning out her home and passed this doll on to me.

The eyes were broken and clouded, so I removed them, gessoed the baby, decoupaged it with silver tissue paper, stained it, put a few coats of polycrylic on, added the heart, oil can and funnel hat, and on the back is a thermometer...and Voila!


kaseyk said...

Hey! i like how it turned out! It's kinda cute! and i like how you did the heart with the rusty nails toO! looks good! :)

jasminduft said...

Wow! What an original idea! I absolutely love your tin baby! It really looks like it's made of tin. Gorgeous artwork! Well done!

Roberta said...

Thank you jasmin... *S* I'm looking at your blogs too.. very cool!! Love your work!