Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Pensive Jesus Assemblage Shrine

Last week, I saw a photo on Flicker in a group I belong to called ARTE RELIGIOSA: The Art of Divinity. It was a shrine of sorts with what they called "The Pensive Jesus" inside it. Here are a couple of shrines with The Pensive Jesus I found on the internet.

The Pensive Christ or Christus im Eland ("Christ in Distress" in German) is a subject in Christian iconography depicting a contemplating Jesus, sitting with his head supported by his hand with the Crown of Thorns and marks of his flagellation. It is therefore a picture of Jesus shortly before his crucifixion, although more an andachtsbilder or devotional subject than intended to show an actual moment in the narrative of the Passion of Christ. The Pensive Christ is much more common in sculpture than in painting.

I had found a small carved wood figure of The Pensive Jesus a long time ago, (not knowing the history behind this depiction of Jesus), so I pulled it out from my stash of treasures, and created a shrine for Him from an old cuckoo clock, candlestick holder and assorted decorative touches. Here are some views of my Pensive Jesus.

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