Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something's Fishy Here....

I didn't notice this so much myself to start out the day, but in Church this morning both my daughter and son noticed that so far that morning, they had been hearing about FISH a lot! Before church, the kids were joking around calling each other fish names, just to mock each other - I know, I know..weird kids eh? *G*
When I got out of the shower this morning, my husband had on a hunting and FISHING show in the other room....then, the Gospel message today was about being FISHERS of men (and women)... which made Kasey and Kaine both start whispering & giggling about the fish references during the sermon time.

I didn't think much of it, until just awhile ago, we were watching some dance competition on TV and there was a girls dance group named "Fish and Chicks"... Kasey goes, "What the heck?.. another FISH reference!"... it was then that I realized I had gotten a craving for fish sticks with lemon juice today, and had eaten them for a late lunch and dinner, both! haha... so now I am left wondering...WHAT'S WITH THE FISH STUFF TODAY?? ..weird...*L* Maybe God is bringing these things to mind for a reason? Are we suppose to be fishers in some special way this coming week? Fr. Bill, in his sermon this morning, talked about us being BAIT ... that's an interesting way of looking at it too... we want to be the kind of "bait" that makes Jesus something people would want to inwardly digest and come to know more.

Anyway... maybe these fish references have just always been around and we are just open to "hearing" them more today ... “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 13:9).
It's like that cell phone commercial where the person is saying..."Can you hear me now?"... Maybe God is saying that to us today, eh? *S*

Friday, January 11, 2008

More Artist Pallet Bling....

Here is more of my piece from yesterday... since then I've been thinking that I will be looking for a box of some kind to put this on the top of. The box will then be used to hold art supplies. It will be a cool, functional assemblage.

So here it is so far... I have to add the drops of paint (jewel drops) at the end of the paintbrush yet, and some way to anchor the base of the hand to whatever box or container I find too. The search is on...

More to come... (till then, it's back to finish up my 1099's and W-2's, between playing with the two grandsons who are here today.)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Me & My Torsos and Guitar...and Grandsons...

Okay... here I am playing around with the new camera again..*L* Getting photos of stuff around here and experimenting with features on the camera.
Here's me with some of my decoupage art (Adam I, Adam II, Eve, Hollywood Glamour Gal... and the Guitar Heroes one). I took off the cap and tried to fit my head over the Eve one, but it was at a weird angle... sure wish MY torso was as svelte..*L*

And since today is Friday... it's GRANDSON DAY.. so here is a pic of two of the grandsons, watching me take silly pictures, hiding out under the buffet..*L*

I hope to be able to get some of my W-2's, 1099's and other year end government forms out of the way in the next week or so, then I can haul out the treasures I've collected and make more assemblages. I miss that, but I kind of like having the dining room be clear of it all too. Man, I need a workshop, upstairs, deluxe with lots of shelves, tables, tools, saws, TV, computer, comfy couch, with a nice view to dream and look at... nothing special mind you..*G* Maybe when I win the lottery? ahhh well... till then...I'm thankful for what I DO have!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

1st photo using my new camera.

My husband gifted me with a new digital camera for a Christmas present and told me I should pick it out... so I did, after Christmas, using the sales and coupons from Staples that I had accumulated. I am still figuring out ALL the features on it.. it's rather overwhelming to me! But I did manage to figure out how to take a picture and get it onto my computer... this is of the church altar, decorated for Christmas.. and since we are technically STILL in the Christmas Season until Epiphany which is Jan. 6th, I thought I'd post this pic.

This is a much better camera than my old digital one...which was a measly 2 megapixels...this one is 8!! So, guess this is the tenth day of Christmas... I should have found some Lord's a Leapin' and photographed THEM, eh? *L*

If I see any Pipers piping tomorrow maybe I can get a good pic of them..*G*