Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post for 2007

Here is probably my last post for this year... I figured I'd make it a good pic of the family from Christmas at my sister in law's house. We all have to line up in families and get our pictures taken so she can have them for her albums... no doubt for future blackmail things...*L*

John and I, have for the last 30 years it seems, gone out on New Year's Eve with a group of 5 - 7 couples to a Chinese Restaurant near here... but last year they had a major fire that they never rebuilt from yet. Soooo, this year we are invited to one of the couples new home to have dinner, drinks, snacks and ring in 2008. We each bring a dish to share... since we can't miss our normal chinese fare, I'm making eggrolls and have bought some fortune cookies... so, I'm off to make the eggrolls so we can head out for the party in a couple of hours.

Here's a New Year's toast ....Happy New Year to all... with love and all the best for 2008 to you and your families! God bless us everyone!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best EVER Family Christmas Picture...*L*

Merry Christmas to all. Been a busy week or more here... and while it was a good Christmas, I'm glad that it is pretty much over... although we ARE still in the 12 days of the Christmas Season until Epiphany (Jan. 6th)...the hustle and bustle of it is over for me. YAY!! Now I just need to finish year end bookkeeping by next Monday night... ughh!!

So, here is our best ever family Christmas picture...heh heh... a goofy one of us all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saint Brett & The Holy Cheeseheads

I am passing this on to our church building committee for consideration for a new stainglass window.... hee hee...*G*

Ahhh YESSSS...tis a good year for Packer Fans in Wisconsin!!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fork in the Road - IMAGINE

Here is another one of the series of "Fork in the Road" assemblages. I will call this one "Imagine". The wooden carved crow and the imagine letters are some I found at a crafters mall a year or so ago. The inside picture of a boy chasing after a bunny (maybe the bunny represents his dreams?), was found at GoodWill, and is a work by some grade school youth I imagine. I liked it for it's simplicity. The fork is on an actual piece of road pavement. There are typewriter letters that spell out F-O-R-K on the outside of the frame and the whole thing sits on a pair of black shoe inserts.

We all like to imagine the roads our journey of life may take us on... and when we come to those "forks in the road", we often imagine what would have happened had we taken the other fork. Pablo Picasso once said "Everything you can imagine is real." Sometimes it's never too late to go back and take that other fork, especially if it's one you knew in your heart, mind and soul that you should have taken in the first place.

I would encourage you, whatever it is you are imagining, to pray about it, listen for what God is saying or encouraging you to do & then just do it...make what what you imagine REAL.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fork in the Road Series continues....

While I was down visiting my daughter a few months ago, I picked up some of these nifty little boxes at Ikea, the first ones I had found at a GoodWill store, and they still had the Ikea tag on them... they worked out so well for the Fork in the Road series I had done previously, I decided to use more for others down the road..*pun intended*... so, FINALLY, I decided to use them, and so here, for your viewing pleasure is the latest Fork In The Road ...

We often face obstacles and bridges we have to cross in this journey called LIFE, and sometimes it seems like a game, trying to piece together the right way we should go when we come to a crossroads, or a FORK in the road ... this assemblage piece is meant to show that.

This piece includes a wire bridge on top, inside a bridge scene with a brass bird flying overhead, a fork on actual road pieces, the outside sits on two wood square bases and is covered with a path of dominoes.

See more of my Fork in the Road assemblages in the archives of July 22, 2007.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Seek Magnified Assemblage

Here is my latest project... I may add an old handle or something at the top of it, but I'm still deciding on that. This is an old wooden box of some sort, it must have had a lid or top at sometime? It's turned on it's side, it had a hole in the side already that I stuck the brass magnifying glass into. On the inside are silver metal letters that spell out SEEK. The eye chart on the back has letters that start out like a regular eye chart would, but farther down spell out:

A silver metal heart shaped box with an embedded glass heart on the top of it is something that can be used to hold jewelry, prayer beads, or notes with prayer names & requests. A brass bust of Jesus with a brass key and brass napkin rings as the base complete this assemblage.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No room at the Inn caused Mary & Joseph to seek other shelter...*G*

John and I went into the surgeon in Milwaukee today for a scheduled series of x-rays and a check-up to see how his back is healing. It is doing VERY well, and the doctor was pleased at how well the bone is forming around the rods and screws.

BUT... we were shocked to see something else when we viewed the x-rays too..*G*
Guess it 'tis the season', eh? heh heh...a bit of photoshop fun...*L*

John is still restricted to lifting no more than 20 lbs, and the doctor gave him a prescription thing to go to 6 weeks of therapy to start soon too. He doesn't have to go back to see the surgeon until 6 months from now when he'll get another set of x-rays and a check-up.

We're very thankful for the good report and for the continued prayers for John's healing.

Monday, December 3, 2007

School Daze - I thought I was finished..*L* NOW I am!

Thanks to a chat friend, Maggie, who gave me the idea to add bullet shell casings to this assemblage, I am NOW finished with "School Daze".... I think? *L* I also added some barbed wire and other things around the "No War" saying above the bus.

So, here is the finished project. I really like it a lot better with the additions.. .Thanks Maggie!