Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Jorden!

Today is our granddaughter Jorden's first birthday. What a difference a year makes! A year ago, Jorden arrived almost 6 weeks early - I remembering crying and being so scared and worried for her... but today, a year later I am still crying, but for joy at how blessed we are to have such a beautiful, healthy and happy granddaughter!

Here are some photos of her birthday party (Dr. Seuss theme) that was held yesterday in Plymouth for family and freinds.

God bless you Jorden, today and always, in ALL ways!! We love you!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rejections... or at the least, lack of acceptance...

So, I've entered a few Calls to Artists in the past few months, and have not been accepted by any of them... from what I've heard, this is very common in emerging artists of many venues... when I looked online for some inspiration or consoling I found this which I thought would be good to share...
From Karen Wynn...

"To combat the frustration of rejection I have come up with a simple plan which is the A.R.T. of rejection. A.R.T. stands for Analyze, Revitalize, and Target. I hope this will help anyone in the writing or art world and also in every day life rejections.

Analyze: Okay, you have had your project rejected. Analyze why it was rejected. Make an attempt to figure out why. Is your grammar or style right, is this the right market, did the editors just have bad days. If you have been rejected over three times start to analyze the situation. You may come up with an excellent explanation.

Revitalize: Rejection leads to low self esteem, self doubt, and self pity. It can destroy you if you allow yourself to fall pray. So when you feel really down and disgusted about the form (B.S.) letters take a break. Relax and enjoy yourself, life is to short to worry and fret. Give yourself some time to get back on your feet. It may take two days or two years to continue with your project. Do not let rejection bring you down. Take time to heal.

Target: The last point to rejection is to target your project. Know your market, explore all avenues to getting your piece of work out in the public. Network, meet people who can help you acheive your dream, find an art professor or writers group, and so on. It is important to Target your work to an interesting customer. "

So, guess I continue from here with those good points... I am using some of my assemblages in a prayer station chapel on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at our Church, and I am thankful that I can use the gifts God has given me in ways that I hope will glorify Him....and I guess I just keep on keeping on...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dia dhuit. (God be with you)

"Here's wishing you the top o' life without a single tumble. Here's wishing you the smiles o' life and not a single grumble. Here's wishing you the best o' life and not a claw about it. Here's wishing you the joy in life and not a day without it."
~ Irish Blessing ~

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Today was a good one.. worked a few hours, then the staff went for our annual corned beef and cabbage and green beer lunch at Popeye's in Lake Geneva... it's by far the BEST corned beef and cabbage meal I've had, and it's only $3.99!! I didn't even have to pay that, Fr. Bill treated us! Thanks Fr. Bill!!

After lunch, back to work for 4 hours, a fast trip to Good Will, (did I find a COOL thing, hope to show it when I use it in some assemblage - if I EVER get to do my art again?? *sigh*), then home for a short break before Vestry tonite... I'll be glad to crash after that meeting!

As the Irish saying goes.. Agus cuid eile an lae dhuit fein. (and the rest of the day to yourself)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hospital Waiting Rooms, Prayers and Photo Editing...

Today I was up early to get to Milwaukee because my Mom is having knee replacement surgery. This will be her second one, my dad has had FIVE knee replacements...guess my parents are hard on their knees... comes from being active people, despite the pain they've had. Hope I am as active when I am almost 78 years old too.

So, after arriving here by 7:30, and missing seeing Mom before she went into surgery by 15 minutes..(dang rush hour traffic!), I headed to the family waiting room where my Dad and my younger sister Erica were waiting. Erica had to leave for work, and Dad fell asleep, so I am working on editing photos for the newsletter, between praying and checking email (they have wireless here), and listening to the crowd of others around me who are also waiting for loved ones in surgery. Based on how many people are here, they must have a TON of surgery rooms!

Every family gets one of those electronic beepers that go off in an annoying buzz with flashing lights... like they have at restaurants too... it's almost like we are waiting for our table to get ready. *L*

Anyway... been praying for Mom, hoping she does really well and that her recovery is speedy, and for Dad, for patience and peace for him as he helps Mom in her recovery.

I found this on the net when I was surfing.... odd little poem, but true as well..

Hospital Waiting Rooms
Hospital waiting rooms
Interesting places
Expressions on faces

Old, young, rich, poor
Illness can descend at anyone’s door

Homeless or not
Bedecked in jewels or poorly clad

Side by side they sit
And wait, and wait, and wait

Time to hesitate
And reflect

Thankful for what’s not
Regretful about what is

A loss of control
Soul next to soul

Good health not a given
Recovery a game of chance

Some rally
Others dally

Support helps
Not being there alone

Some speak
Others too weak

There are those who make it
And those who fake it

A humbling experience
And wake-up

Something that effects all
Short or tall

Take a number
And wait till you’re called.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Playing with Photoshop instead of doing my tax stuff...

Here are some fun elements on photoshop that I applied to one of my granddaughter's photo's that her Aunt Kasey took. I like the abstract look that some of them have... had Photoshop been invented a hundred years ago, perhaps some of the abstract artists wouldn't have been so popular, but then again, Photoshop probably made their elements such that we could all be Picasso's..*L*

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This x-ray shows John's back, the rods and screws he had put in after a fall he had in July 2007, one he is still recovering from. The last few months, especially, he has had numbness and tingling, weakness and lots of pain (some days are better than others with the pain)in his hip and down one leg. He had told the surgeon about it at his check up last July, but at that time it wasn't as severe as it has become, and it occurred only at times. So, last week, after calling to let the surgeon know what was happening, he went in for a scheduled MRI, and on Tuesday of this week, we went to the surgeon to find out the results.... Degenerative Spine Disease is what he has. The surgeon said he most likely had it to some degree before his fall and surgery, but that the injury has accelerated it by perhaps 5 - 7 years.
The part that is affected is below where his rods and screws are, the fluid is not there to cushion things as much and so there is inflammation and the nerves are pinched.. the sciatic nerve in this case which runs down his leg.

The surgeon has prescribed therapy for a month, if that works, great - continue with it...if not, there are some kind of shots he will get that may help as well. And if that doesn't work, then surgery will be next... several options we'd have to talk with the surgeon about, if and when it comes to that. Some people have been able to put off any surgical measures by the therapy and shots for 10 - 15 years or more.. hopefully John can fall into that category too.

His surgeon said the idea isn't just to limit the pain by limiting activities, etc... but the goal is to allow him to do the things he can do now, but without the pain. Sounds like a plan to us! Prayers are always appreciated, and we thank you for them. Sooo, on to therapy for John.... and we go from there....