Monday, February 28, 2011

He's Baaacckkk....

No, not this terradactyl.. *L* ... one of several things I photographed at the Milwaukee airport this noon. Some cool facebottomed sailboats were also displayed there.

John is the one who is back home. I picked him up at noon at the airport today, along with his sisters, Mary & Sherry. They had been in Texas visiting their Dad. It was a nice visit, it sounded like from the stories they told on the way home, and Paul was very happy to have them there. Unfortunately he is still going downhill, and this may have been the last time they'll get to see him alive, (at least in this world), so I'm glad they had the time together.

Glad to have John back home too! He had friends come yesterday looking for him... heh heh..*G* .. yes, they're baaacckk too - the maurading band of wild turkeys were hanging around the yard again ... I threw them out some leftover bread sticks, which they pecked at, but didn't like much I guess, since they are still in the yard with the melting snow ..*L* John told me not to feed them, he didn't want to be attacked by throngs of wild turkeys when he goes down to the garage in the dark.. haha!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dancing Flowers Assembled ... Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate..

Okay... this just makes me HAPPY!! *lol* And makes me wish for Spring! Yesterday was Grandson Friday, and all three grandsons were here for the morning due to vacations from school - Teacher's Convention. So of course, it included a trip to the Dollar Store... and look what I found!! Solar Dancing Flowers... SOOO Cute!! (And only $1 each - such a deal!)

They only had three left and I bought them all, but am hoping to find more for the Sunday School class and Easter gifts for some of the nieces too...and for ME! *S* Doesn't take much to amuse me, eh?

I decided to see if they danced better to this old song.... And they DID! ha! I think the flower in the red pot must be "Kate"!! She seems to shimmy her leaves a bit more than the other two. *lol*

Check out the short video clip of them dancing. (don't forget to stop my playlist song before playing the video so you can hear the video song too)...ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beloved ...Let us love one another ... for love is of God...

... anyone else sick of all the political BS going on? It's so divisive, and some are just so nasty, mean spirited, and horrible in their comments... even church people. Where is the love one another aspect? I don't see it if it's there. *sigh* Lord, help me to show Your love, where I am wrong, correct me, and no matter what, help me to love my neighbor as myself, despite our differences. Asking this in Jesus' Name. Amen.

I think I need to focus on art that I hope will be God-inspired, rather than follow the political mess.

Hoping to be able to do so later this week, into the weekend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Assemblages, Storage, Saturday Afternoon Dreams and Stuff....

I have been looking at my stash of treasures... my stash of finished assemblages, and my stash of things in the works and have decided I need more storage room... or, I need a gallery of my own....

.... saying that... I was looking for some place to put some of my treasured trinkets, and remembered my old tool chest after seeing a photo of a gorgeous tool chest posted by an assemblage artist over on facebook... I SOOO covet that one! *lol*

... anyway... I took a photo of this tool chest, and opened the drawers, which evidently hadn't been opened for about 10 - 15 years... found a whole lot of old Intellivision video games, instructions for old TV's we owned waaaay back when, a few old remote controls...

...and a picture that Kasey had drawn for her Dad of one of his business trucks he owned long ago.

So, I have a few more drawers available to fill...(which will be filled fast!)...and I am dreaming of someday having a work shop/gallery place of my own! ... or maybe I should get rid of some of my finished assemblages too? ha!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pear & Blueberry Crisp Assemblage..

Haven't had much time to make assemblages or other art lately, although I have a lot of things on the workbench, ideas and things I am tossing around...

... but I did have time to make a new recipe (new to me) ... Pear and Blueberry Crisp! Yummm....

I used about 10 barlett pears, partially peeled, then sliced up, threw in a few fresh blueberries...

...added a sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon topping, baked it for an hour or so.... and mmmm, mmmm, good!

Topped with ice cream.... yummmy!!

My official taste tester, grandson Jeff, gave it TWO thumbs up!! *lol*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Gift

It was a busy Valentine's Day ... Spent a couple of hours with Jorden before heading to work for a bit, then back home to get her ready to take back to her Mommy. We sure had a nice weekend!! xoxox

When I got back home later that afternoon, John had left me a cool Valentine's Day gift! An old glass doorknob set - 2 glass door knobs and plates! He got them off a construction job he was doing from a door that was going to be tossed away. (I also received a heart balloon and some candy - yum!) I actually LOVE these, and I told John it was even better than a Good Will gift card! *lol* Now to find a cool place to use it in one of my assemblage projects!
Thanks John, Love YOU!! x0x0x0

We also had a nice dinner tonite with Randy and Sue. Went to the Duck Inn - I had some seafood medley with pasta dish, John had walleye..and we all had a good evening...but I'm beat... sleep will be early for me tonite! *yaaaaaaaawwwn*

~ Happy Valentine's Day to all! ~

Parochial Report Nightmare

I found this cartoon when I was looking for filler's for the February Newsletter for Church, and since I was also in the process of finishing my part of the Parochial Report for the year ending 2010 (financial stats), and Deb (our Church Secretary) had already finished the membership & services part..this reminded me of what a nightmare it would be IF we had to record people coming and going back and forth in a mass exodus, or mass entrance into membership. Granted, we, like other churches, do have people who disagree about things, get angry or hurt feelings, and they leave for a time... (it's sad when that happens, like a part of the family is gone)... sometimes they come back (and then we rejoice!).

We've had some struggles/decisions/disagreements lately, with all the major renovations happening, plus being gone from the building for 10 months (started packing a year ago already!) it is starting to take it's toll on many. We've been praying throughout this whole process for many aspects of it, my prayers, as well as the prayers of others, have been that we can all stay together, and still love one another after it's all finished. Lord in Your Mercy, hear our prayer!

Oh, and thank you Lord that the Parochial Report is now finished too!! "Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee My Valentine...

I had some cute busy-bees this morning for Sunday School. We made Valentines, with heart stickers, and stapled them to snack bags that contained 2 chocolate Hershey kisses. The Valentine card inside said:
Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God;
and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.
1 John 4:7

Happy Valentine's Day
Greet one another with a holy kiss.
All of God's holy people greet you.
2 Corinthians 13:12

The busy-bees also colored a picture that was attached to the baskets of Valentines, that they then passed out during the "passing of the Peace" during the church service.

They were so cute in their little bee wings as they waited to pass out the treats and Valentines, and as they went from person to person doing so... Well done kids!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marauding Turkeys Infiltrate the Neighborhood...

Have I ever mentioned that I live with, and near, a bunch of turkeys? *lol*

We have had all sorts of animals in our yard before... deer, raccoons, skunks, possums, woodchucks, rabbits, squirrels, birds, bats, cats, dogs and more! But today was the first time I've ever seen a wild turkey in the yard!

I think they came up the gully behind our house from the lake, and were looking for food, or just curious?
Since they raided the neighbor's bird feeders, and weren't at all phased by my throwing snowballs at them to get them to look at me as I photographed them, I suspect they were hungry.

I had grabbed my camera and ran outside to get a picture of these turkeys, and then realized it was a bit chilly, so I headed home from the neighbors backyard, and discovered the turkey tracks, and other animal tracks on the sidewalk out front...*L* Based on the tracks, it seems we have a lot of marauding animals around here!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Grandchildren Friday!! Yay!!

Was up really early to finish some bookkeeping this morning so I could spend time with some of the grandkids today. I picked up grandson, Jeff from kindergarten this morning, came home, we ate a fast lunch, then we headed up to Milwaukee (the midway point between us) to pick up granddaughter, Jorden, who is spending the weekend.

Such fun having the grandkids here, especially when I have work caught up and can really spend some time playing with them.

Some quotes from grandson Jeff on our way back home from getting Jorden... "Gramma, I was just sitting here in the back seat of the van and my shirt just got this big hole in it!" and "Hey!!? When did baby Jorden learn to talk like that??" *L* She spoke a whole sentence to him and he looked at me like I said it or something.. ha!

Jeff always makes me laugh! *lol* He was excited today to find a "fish flask" that I let him keep... he said he would have his Mom put some good stuff in it so he wouldn't die of thirst. Hope he means something like kool-aid or juice?? *lol*

Jorden wasn't even afraid of Uncle John-John this afternoon either... she decided she needed his hat to wear, and even gave kisses freely.

It was a good afternoon with the grandkids... looking forward to the continued weekend too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Latest Treasure Find at Good Will....

So, I may be... (or may not be) a millionaire...having purchased this old antique violin and case at Good Will earlier today. I WISH!! *lol*

It was a good price, and I couldn't pass it up even if it is pretty worthless. To me, the old wooden case alone was with the $14.99 I paid for it.

I'm sure, that if it isn't worth millions $$$$$, that I'll find some cool use for it in an upcoming assemblage piece.

Until then, my daughter and I are driving my husband nuts trying to play it.. hahaha..*screech*screech*screech* (horrible violin noises).. *lol*

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday John!!

Today is John's 59th birthday ... some of the kids, grandkids and I were going out with John to celebrate for a family dinner. (Sorry that Kaine and Jorden, who live upnorth, couldn't make it, but we'll see Jorden this weekend, and Kaine in about 2 weeks).

We were going to go to Chili's for dinner... one of John's favorite local restaurants. Unfortunately, John overdid it at work today, his back was hurting pretty bad, so we had to cancel at the last minute...hoping we can reschedule it for later this week.

Not fun to have back pain ... and I hope John feels better soon... not such a good ending to his birthday day. He was up in bed before 7:30... sometimes laying flat helps a lot... hope it does this time too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go Pack Go!

(Link) View more Packers' Fans Sound Clips and Go Pack Go Sound Clips

Looking forward to a great Super Bowl Game later today!! Hoping the Packers bring home the Lombardi Trophy!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

John's Flight Cancelled.... Stupid Storm!

John was suppose to be leaving before 5 a.m. this morning, to fly down to Texas with his sisters and surprise his Dad in San Antonio with a visit ... but late last night the airline called saying his flight was cancelled, not rescheduled. He maybe could try to get a flight out on Saturday they said, but that wasn't for sure either. Since Mary and Sherry couldn't take off more days next week, they can't go later either, so unfortunately, the trip is off for right now. We feel bad because it was Paul's birthday on Tuesday and it would have been a nice gift for John, Mary, and Sherry to be able to see him and spend time with him. At least Gary and Judy will still go...they were already 5 hours into their trip there (driving from AZ), and were going to continue on and visit Paul for a few days... John is sorry to miss seeing Gary and Judy too.

We'll have to see if maybe there is another weekend coming up soon that we can get away (maybe I can go then too?).

I wonder if others who had flights to TX for the Super Bowl game are having their flights cancelled too? Heard on the news that they are in for ice and snow storms tonite and that some schools are already posting closures for Friday too. Yikes! This storm is nationwide it seems.

It's a snow day again for our area schools ... too many roads are drifting over from the wind and snow... but it IS a work day for me ... time to venture out in about an hour or so and get caught up at the office too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging out from the Blizzard ...

So, schools are are the banks, the post office, and probably most businesses ... heck even Good Will stores all over S.E. WI are closed... according to Facebook announcements from Amazing Good Will! Wouldn't you know it, I get another snow day off of work and can't even go to Good Will! *L* Best to be safe at least... I doubt I'll venture out at all today, except for helping to shovel off the deck, porch and steps, which I already did, and man was it COLD!

Glad for John having the bobcat and being able to use it for the majority of the snow. Here are some photos as I woke up this morning, and as John cleared the snow from our sidewalks, driveway and down the block for the neighbors too.

News reports on TV say we received about 18 inches of snow since Monday night. The county roads here and all over the state are closed and hazardous too.
Good thing I have a ton of work here that I brought home to finish... since it's a snowed in day.... off to try and put a dent in it now... ugh.