Thursday, February 3, 2011

John's Flight Cancelled.... Stupid Storm!

John was suppose to be leaving before 5 a.m. this morning, to fly down to Texas with his sisters and surprise his Dad in San Antonio with a visit ... but late last night the airline called saying his flight was cancelled, not rescheduled. He maybe could try to get a flight out on Saturday they said, but that wasn't for sure either. Since Mary and Sherry couldn't take off more days next week, they can't go later either, so unfortunately, the trip is off for right now. We feel bad because it was Paul's birthday on Tuesday and it would have been a nice gift for John, Mary, and Sherry to be able to see him and spend time with him. At least Gary and Judy will still go...they were already 5 hours into their trip there (driving from AZ), and were going to continue on and visit Paul for a few days... John is sorry to miss seeing Gary and Judy too.

We'll have to see if maybe there is another weekend coming up soon that we can get away (maybe I can go then too?).

I wonder if others who had flights to TX for the Super Bowl game are having their flights cancelled too? Heard on the news that they are in for ice and snow storms tonite and that some schools are already posting closures for Friday too. Yikes! This storm is nationwide it seems.

It's a snow day again for our area schools ... too many roads are drifting over from the wind and snow... but it IS a work day for me ... time to venture out in about an hour or so and get caught up at the office too.

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