Monday, February 28, 2011

He's Baaacckkk....

No, not this terradactyl.. *L* ... one of several things I photographed at the Milwaukee airport this noon. Some cool facebottomed sailboats were also displayed there.

John is the one who is back home. I picked him up at noon at the airport today, along with his sisters, Mary & Sherry. They had been in Texas visiting their Dad. It was a nice visit, it sounded like from the stories they told on the way home, and Paul was very happy to have them there. Unfortunately he is still going downhill, and this may have been the last time they'll get to see him alive, (at least in this world), so I'm glad they had the time together.

Glad to have John back home too! He had friends come yesterday looking for him... heh heh..*G* .. yes, they're baaacckk too - the maurading band of wild turkeys were hanging around the yard again ... I threw them out some leftover bread sticks, which they pecked at, but didn't like much I guess, since they are still in the yard with the melting snow ..*L* John told me not to feed them, he didn't want to be attacked by throngs of wild turkeys when he goes down to the garage in the dark.. haha!!

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