Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging out from the Blizzard ...

So, schools are are the banks, the post office, and probably most businesses ... heck even Good Will stores all over S.E. WI are closed... according to Facebook announcements from Amazing Good Will! Wouldn't you know it, I get another snow day off of work and can't even go to Good Will! *L* Best to be safe at least... I doubt I'll venture out at all today, except for helping to shovel off the deck, porch and steps, which I already did, and man was it COLD!

Glad for John having the bobcat and being able to use it for the majority of the snow. Here are some photos as I woke up this morning, and as John cleared the snow from our sidewalks, driveway and down the block for the neighbors too.

News reports on TV say we received about 18 inches of snow since Monday night. The county roads here and all over the state are closed and hazardous too.
Good thing I have a ton of work here that I brought home to finish... since it's a snowed in day.... off to try and put a dent in it now... ugh.

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