Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Gift

It was a busy Valentine's Day ... Spent a couple of hours with Jorden before heading to work for a bit, then back home to get her ready to take back to her Mommy. We sure had a nice weekend!! xoxox

When I got back home later that afternoon, John had left me a cool Valentine's Day gift! An old glass doorknob set - 2 glass door knobs and plates! He got them off a construction job he was doing from a door that was going to be tossed away. (I also received a heart balloon and some candy - yum!) I actually LOVE these, and I told John it was even better than a Good Will gift card! *lol* Now to find a cool place to use it in one of my assemblage projects!
Thanks John, Love YOU!! x0x0x0

We also had a nice dinner tonite with Randy and Sue. Went to the Duck Inn - I had some seafood medley with pasta dish, John had walleye..and we all had a good evening...but I'm beat... sleep will be early for me tonite! *yaaaaaaaawwwn*

~ Happy Valentine's Day to all! ~

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