Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Tribute to Art & Life Event - Celebrating Brad

What a great event ... lots of work went into it I'm sure... and what a wonderful tribute to Brad, as well as supporting cancer research and supporting thru a scholarship a student attending MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design).

I was honored to be one of the artists doing art "live". People came to have fun, see art, offer bids on many items donated by area businesses and individuals, see art being made, and bid on that finished art, as well as remember Brad.

Delicious food & beverages were also offered throughout the evening, and live music after the art bidding was done too. The vodka pear collins were very delicious as was the Indian food, mini cheeseburgers, truffles, and many other great dishes!

It was fun to meet and talk with people who came by, and explain some of what my "An Artist's Muse" assemblage art torso was all about... and to hear their comments too!

There were also steamrolling prints up for bid... artists made/carved their print designs on wood and then inked them with a couple coats of ink, and took them out to the street, placed paper over the top, a piece of carpet on that, and a regular steamroller pressed the ink onto the paper... and voila!! Beautiful prints!

And the winning bid on "AN ARTIST'S MUSE" went to this young man ... in the excitement of it all, I forgot to get his name, but he seemed excited to get the winning bid, and was looking forward to taking it home. I'm thankful he liked it so much and helped support the tribute to Brad too!


See some of the earlier beginning work of this art torso here

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