Saturday, October 8, 2011

Roarin' 20's Party

I attended a fun (although small) party at our Church tonite... we made the Parish Hall into a SpeakEasy. It was a nice night of great appetizers, fun times, and fun costumes.

We imbibed with "illegal" drinks... it WAS Prohibition times you know, so they were hidden in paper bag sleeves..*S*

Some of us even "smoked" a few candy cigarettes, danced and shimmied to 20's tunes, got thrown into the "slammer" and more!

And toward the end of the night, we went to visit my Aunt Shirley who is temporarily in a local nursing home recovering from some leg/back ailments. She was glad to see us all, as she had really wanted to attend this party too!

It was a fun night with fun friends!

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