Friday, October 14, 2011

Diocesan Convention 2011

Today and tomorrow is our yearly Diocesan Convention, this year we are in Racine for it. Workshops, Vendor booths, Eucharist and Dinner Banquet are featured today, then tomorrow is business, elections, resolutions, passing budgets, reports of ministries and more.

Here is our Christ Church delegation... I made it for the workshops and vendors, but couldn't attend the dinner banquet this year since I had to drop off some of my art things for tomorrow's art show in Milwaukee, and although I thought I could get back in time, traffic and road construction between Racine and Milwaukee was just HORRIBLE! I was stuck in it for an extra 45 - 55 minutes...uugghhhh!
So, instead of fighting that going back to Racine, I just came home after dropping off stuff at Flux Design.

Now it's time for more work on my torso for tomorrow's benefit "Celebrating Brad", then catch a few hours of sleep, and up early to head back to Racine in the A.M. for more Diocesan Convention before the Art Benefit tomorrow afternoon/evening.

*yawning already and still need to work a few hours*

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