Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted Hotel Fun .....

The local Comfort Suites in town offered a fun haunted hotel for area youth and parents/grandparents to come to FREE of charge! Area businesses rented one of their rooms, decorated it for Halloween, and gave away candy to the kids, and business cards and flyers to the adults.

We arrived just shortly after it opened, and the lines were already very long! They moved pretty quickly to get inside ... not so quickly once on the haunted 3rd floor. There must have been hundreds and hundreds of kids who went thru ... I took two of our grandsons to it, and they had a great time!

They were excited to get to the entry inside .....

We had to go down a decorated hallway, and then walk up the stairway to the haunted 3rd floor... along the way there were creepy, bloody hand prints, and glow in the dark cobwebs, with some scary things hanging from the ceilings, and blacklights making things seem more erie...

And then the kids trick or treated at each decorated room, where they received some nice treats and certificates for various items at local businesses. The rooms were decorated great, but if you were at all claustrophobic, this was NOT a place to be! *L* Lots of people going up and down both sides of the hallway!

Then we went down the spooky elevator, complete with a ghoulish elevator man, to the first floor where they saw Culver's Scoopie, played some Halloween kids games and could have a hotdog snack too! (we skipped that part since it had taken us almost 2 hours to go thru the haunted rooms and the kids were anxious to get home to look at their bag of goodies and treats!).

It was a fun event!! Thanks Comfort Suites for putting it on!!

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