Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Work in Progress for a VERY Worthy Cause

This coming Saturday, Oct. 15th, I will be one of many artists who will be "doing art" live, at an event that will benefit two worthy causes and is a tribute to a wonderful young man, Brad, who left this life way too early, but who still touches many people in awesome ways. Brad was a good friend to many, and also to my daughter, Kasey, who attended MIAD with Brad.

From the Celebrate Brad website... "Bradley R. Germata, born December 23, 1982, lost his heroic fight against cancer on October 12, 2009.
Brad loved art. Whether it was making art, going to see art, learning about it — he was there, and he was excited. Brad graduated in 2005 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) and pursued his artistic dream, working as a graphic designer at the advertising firm Marx McClellan Thrun, in Milwaukee’s Third Ward."

Brad's family and friends have set up a foundation ... All proceeds from each and every Celebrating Brad – A Tribute to Art & Life are paid equally to a communication design student at MIAD (via the Bradley Germata Scholarship Fund) and to support cancer research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Cancer Center.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, or anywhere close by, I hope you'll consider coming to Celebrating Brad – A Tribute to Art in Flux!
Join us from 5-10pm, Saturday, October 15, at Flux Design, 811 East Vienna-Milwaukee.

I have to do some of my art project for this ahead of time, since it requires many hours of drying time between phases... but I will be doing a finishing of it at the event, along with also donating another piece (Adam II) to bid on as well.

Come and see all the wonderful art, great offers from areas businesses to bid on, as well as great music, good food and beverages, and support this wonderful tribute.

Here are some phases that the torso art I am calling "AN ARTIST'S MUSE", have gone through already ... see more on a video slide show I'll have at the event too!

This is the insert I am adding ... but just setting it in there temporarily to see how it's fitting... then I had to brace up and box in the insert area to have something to eventually glue the insert to... using all sorts of spare things.. yardsticks and more.

I also had to do some downsizing of some of the torso's attributes.. *L* to better fit the insert in later. Then spackle a little more, and when it dries more I'll be sponging on some stain all over, then lots of coats of polycrylic ... some other details added to the outside as well...

Sooo... come on over to Flux Design on Saturday evening and see (and bid on) the finished torso!

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