Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kaleidoscope Jesus - the Hippie Years...

The word "kaleidoscope" is derived from the Ancient Greek καλ(ός) (beauty, beautiful), είδο(ς) (form, shape) and -σκόπιο (tool for examination) – hence the definition; "observer of beautiful forms."

This is a light-hearted assemblage of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the "hippie generation", and examined through one facet of a kaleidoscope view.

At the top is a stain glass kaleidoscope. Inside the paisley papered box is "hippie Jesus" and his dog. Jesus' message of love and peace are found in the poster on the wall, and on the peace symbol he wears. The poster is nailed to the wall with 3 nails, similar to what may have been used in crucifixions. Other symbolic items featured: against the wall behind Jesus - a cross; An old bible leans against a wooden chalice; A key (to the kingdom, perhaps?) lies in front of the bible. A rooster stands in the background, perhaps the cock that crowed three times the day Peter denied Jesus? On the side walls are a sand dollar with a star shape, and on the opposite wall, a dove descends - symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was known to be a bit of a rebel, this kind of reminds me of what may have been considered his rebel side when he was in his early 20's or so. I also thought of calling this "Jesus' First Apartment" ...*lol*...but opted for the above title instead.

Anyway, like a kaleidoscope has many different views as it's turned, this is one different view of Jesus that I had fun putting together.

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