Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Church Renovations Continue....

It's been awhile since I posted some photos from the major renovations happening at the church we attend, and where I work. We had a small tour of the work that has been done thus far after Church today. The web of scaffolding is now gone from the Nave of the Church, the decorative painting on the ceilings and around the windows are done too.

The new side entryway is coming along nicely too and matches the front entryway pretty well!

They've taken more out of the kitchen...

Still a whole lot to complete, the chapel, flooring all over, the offices, sunday school rooms, elevator, parish hall, and more... I highly doubt we'll be moved back in there before March 1st (more like the end of March probably)?

I started packing up some of my office things, and youth ministry things about a year ago already....It's been a looooooooong year of getting packed up, moved out, and waiting to get back in. Can't wait until it's all completed, and maybe we can get back to normal?...whatever normal is?! *lol*

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Carla said...

Simply breathtaking. Wow! What a difference. I look forward to seeing it in person some day.