Monday, July 27, 2009

Brass Bed Garden Assemblage ... in the works...

This cool old brass bed had been at the local Good Will store for a couple of weeks, it had a price of $99.00 on it ... but just recently I noticed they had reduced the price... all the way down to $29.99!! With my discount coupon I was able to get the headboard and footboard for under $24! I am not using it for inside however, I am using it for a garden assemblage...and my daughter will be able to use it too for a cool background for senior photos, etc. that she'll be taking soon. I am going to find a planter (maybe one of my old metal chairs or an old weathered wood one) and maybe find a bench to sit on for the area too.

I pounded in two long iron stakes to set the frame over so it would stand and stay ... and those stakes will NEVER come out I put them in so deep... eek.*L* they are so far... I'm excited, I think they look pretty cool!


I've added a hanging plant and a chair planter to my brass bed frame, still looking for some kind of bench ...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We miss Jorden already....

Kaine and Jorden were here for the weekend, Jorden arrived a day earlier - we had lots of fun, and Kasey took some wonderful photos of her while she was here.

Here are a couple of them.

Looking forward to the next time Kaine and Jorden get to visit!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Videos (that maybe only) A Gramma Would Love...

Some funny video clips - Granddaughter and Daughter with Granddaughter's favorite blankee, Duckie.

On the Workbench... actually, it's on the floor ...

This has been a busy week, catching up on work after vacation, and then doing a variety of assemblages, seems I can't focus on just one at a time this week, I have to have 4 or more going! *L*

I keep going down to the basement, to search through my stash of treasures, trying to find something for one piece and end up getting inspired by something I forgot I had and would be great for another I bring it upstairs and start laying them out on the floor to see how they look... this week I have a LOT of them in progress... so here are some glimpses of some of them...

Unfortunately I have to put all this stuff away for the weekend ... but gladly it's because I am picking up our dear granddaughter for a weekend visit today! Yay!! Sure to be photos of her later here too....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Vacation....

Today we had a slow start... rain and cold weather still too... But this afternoon we had some time outside at the campsite, this is my view from the hammock, along with an old doll my sister found for me at a local antique store.. it will become some kind of something in an assemblage for sure..*L*

John and Jake did more fishing along with some of the other guys, and they caught a few more fish... fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads....

Our camp dinner tonite was chinese food from the local restaurant.. yum!!!

Kasey and Janel did some photo editing around the campfire...

Josh roasted marshmallows and some of the adults played euchre.

Tomorrow we head home... watch, it will probably be in the 80's then! Just our luck!

Vacationing continues in the COLD Northland...

Yesterday, after a dismal day of cold weather, our family had the dinner detail - sloppy joes, chips, pickles, and fruit salad. Then we had knock down drag out fights, along with ice cream and candy treats for the kids, while the guys cleaned the fish they had caught earlier that day, (at least the guys went out in the canoe with a couple of the boys to fish earlier, but the rest of us didn't kayak at all...too cold, and rainy).

The kids were trying to catch paparazzi Kasey because she was ALWAYS taking their pictures!!

Since last night was another cold night, AND it was raining besides... (I don't think we've EVER had such crummy weather up here for a summer vacation!), my sister Peggy and I took a couple of kids in to the Moccasin Bar in downtown Hayward ... home of the worlds largest muskies (dead and stuffed in framed glass) well as other assorted animals in a variety of poses.

We had fun playing some of the bar games the bartenders set up for us to try... like getting that pickled egg from one shot glass to the other without touching it. Or getting the water in the glass to go to the bottom glass (Kasey did it!!), or moving a dollar bill out from under the upside down beer bottle without knocking it over. (I knew that one!).

And Hannah was offered $40 to eat just ONE of the pickled gizzards at the bar, but she wouldn't do it!! We stopped at another local bar, since it was named the same as a local one down by us, then headed back to the campsites... it wasn't even 10 p.m. yet, but it was rainy and cold, so we headed to bed! No roasted marshmallows...shucks!

So, today is more of the same... wondering what we'll do exciting today?
Guess I need to get out of bed and see...*L*

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Campfire fun.... trying to stay warm!

So, tonite is an early night back at the cabin already, because it's SOOOO cold!

My BIL, Bill, had a great suggestion...someone should make swivel camping chairs, especially for nights like this! That way, when you are toasty warm in the front, but freezing on the back, all you have to do is swivel in the chair and voila!- your back gets warm too~! I think it's a GREAT idea!

Anyway... here are a few photos, and a short video clip from tonite... Kasey got some photos at the campfire and playground and maybe she'll post some on her blog later too? I missed the group that went to the casino tonight, but maybe tomorrow night if it's still cold we'll go?

Grandsons, Josh, Jeff and Jake eating icecream in the hammock with their Dad... I guess kids enjoy ice cream no matter HOW cold it is outside!

Is this our WINTER Vacation??

The tempuratures keep dropping here in Hayward.... but we did get in a little time outdoors today at Nelson Lake before heading back to the cabin to get warmed up..(THANK GOD FOR THE HEATER!!) and to take a looooong nap...ahhhh... So before heading down to the other campsites for dinner, here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure..*L*

The guys caught a few fish at Nelson Dam ... we didn't stick around long there, too cold and windy for us!

Janel unleashed the dog and the kids and they took off in all directions! *haha*

These driftwood things looked like a fish and an octopus to me..*L*

Jake pulling in a BIG one... and John-John trying to get a bite!

Need any extra lures, bobbers or hooks??

Granddog Buck back at the kids camper...

.......time for dinner... wish I'd brought my WINTER coat!!

Freezing in Hayward...brrrrrrr ... where is the SUN?? the guys are off fishing ... it's waaaay too cold to kayak, I didn't bring a wetsuit! sheeeeeesh..*L* They guys must be toughing it out with that "antifreeze" stuff they drink, eh? *G*

Sooo, it's relaxing day for some of us...some went off to the Harry Potter movie intown, since there is NO sun out today and about 50 degrees...brrrrrrrrr.

Some of us were sitting around listening to songs... and singing along.. I'll have to edit this post and show parts of that later..*L*

But for now... it's off to meet the guys for lunch... bringing a sandwich along incase they didn't catch any fish... and wearing SOCKS with sandals... a fashion faux pas fer sure! *L*


Our annual family canoe/kayak/camping vacation has begun! Actually it started yesterday, we left by 10 a.m. and arrived in Hayward by 4 p.m. ... after unloading the stuff into the cabin (we rented a two room cabin this year - ahhh luxury!! - but I still miss the motorhome!), and after arranging things, we headed to the campsites where the rest of the family were camped out at. (only 25 of us could make it this year, and the rest of them have campers & tents).

It got dang cold last nite...brrrrrrrrrrrr ... I am thankful for the heater in the cabin! Even the campfire didn't keep me warm last nite!

So, this moring we are deciding on where to go...guys are fishing, some are canoeing and kayaking, some are staying at the campsite...

More photos later.... here are some of our cabin suite!

Hey, don't judge me here, it's five o'clock SOMEWHERE ya know! *G*

We made the most of the two room cabin by bringing along a "toilet", a small refrigerator, coolers, microwave, and of course our computers..*L* to enjoy the day! Hope it warms up!