Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is this our WINTER Vacation??

The tempuratures keep dropping here in Hayward.... but we did get in a little time outdoors today at Nelson Lake before heading back to the cabin to get warmed up..(THANK GOD FOR THE HEATER!!) and to take a looooong nap...ahhhh... So before heading down to the other campsites for dinner, here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure..*L*

The guys caught a few fish at Nelson Dam ... we didn't stick around long there, too cold and windy for us!

Janel unleashed the dog and the kids and they took off in all directions! *haha*

These driftwood things looked like a fish and an octopus to me..*L*

Jake pulling in a BIG one... and John-John trying to get a bite!

Need any extra lures, bobbers or hooks??

Granddog Buck back at the kids camper...

.......time for dinner... wish I'd brought my WINTER coat!!

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