Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!

Gramma & Josh's feet...relaxing day.

Grandkids & friends, jumping for joy!

It was a good day to reflect on and celebrate our freedoms ...

We had a great day at son and DIL's John and Janel summer place, (Jellystone campground). We had lunch, and dinner, enjoyed an afternoon sitting and talking and watching others in the campground, playing with the grandsons and having a relaxing day.

Kasey was busy with her photo taking, as usual, so here are some of her photos that show things we experienced today...very cool ones too!!

Kaine had fun throwing & catching the kids. Josh really got thrown high in this one! *L* Jeff as a vampire... Son, John and me.
Jeff's amazing ball spinning talents..*L*

And Jake eating a spider??...ewwww...

And we got home just in time to catch some of the fireworks from our backyard.

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kasey said...

i give this day 2 thumbs up!!!