Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our annual family canoe/kayak/camping vacation has begun! Actually it started yesterday, we left by 10 a.m. and arrived in Hayward by 4 p.m. ... after unloading the stuff into the cabin (we rented a two room cabin this year - ahhh luxury!! - but I still miss the motorhome!), and after arranging things, we headed to the campsites where the rest of the family were camped out at. (only 25 of us could make it this year, and the rest of them have campers & tents).

It got dang cold last nite...brrrrrrrrrrrr ... I am thankful for the heater in the cabin! Even the campfire didn't keep me warm last nite!

So, this moring we are deciding on where to go...guys are fishing, some are canoeing and kayaking, some are staying at the campsite...

More photos later.... here are some of our cabin suite!

Hey, don't judge me here, it's five o'clock SOMEWHERE ya know! *G*

We made the most of the two room cabin by bringing along a "toilet", a small refrigerator, coolers, microwave, and of course our computers..*L* to enjoy the day! Hope it warms up!

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