Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacationing continues in the COLD Northland...

Yesterday, after a dismal day of cold weather, our family had the dinner detail - sloppy joes, chips, pickles, and fruit salad. Then we had knock down drag out fights, along with ice cream and candy treats for the kids, while the guys cleaned the fish they had caught earlier that day, (at least the guys went out in the canoe with a couple of the boys to fish earlier, but the rest of us didn't kayak at all...too cold, and rainy).

The kids were trying to catch paparazzi Kasey because she was ALWAYS taking their pictures!!

Since last night was another cold night, AND it was raining besides... (I don't think we've EVER had such crummy weather up here for a summer vacation!), my sister Peggy and I took a couple of kids in to the Moccasin Bar in downtown Hayward ... home of the worlds largest muskies (dead and stuffed in framed glass) well as other assorted animals in a variety of poses.

We had fun playing some of the bar games the bartenders set up for us to try... like getting that pickled egg from one shot glass to the other without touching it. Or getting the water in the glass to go to the bottom glass (Kasey did it!!), or moving a dollar bill out from under the upside down beer bottle without knocking it over. (I knew that one!).

And Hannah was offered $40 to eat just ONE of the pickled gizzards at the bar, but she wouldn't do it!! We stopped at another local bar, since it was named the same as a local one down by us, then headed back to the campsites... it wasn't even 10 p.m. yet, but it was rainy and cold, so we headed to bed! No roasted marshmallows...shucks!

So, today is more of the same... wondering what we'll do exciting today?
Guess I need to get out of bed and see...*L*

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