Thursday, July 9, 2009

New & Improved... tweaking some assemblage pieces...

Today I received a beautiful brass statue from's a little girl standing on a chair holding a shoe in one hand... when I saw it I thought it would go well with my "Goody 2 Shoes" box, so I was happy when I got the winning bid!

I took out one shelf and cut it in half, then had to cut down the legs about a half inch, drilled holes in the bottom of the cabinet to set the statue in, and replaced the half shelf. Here is the new and improved "Goody 2 Shoes".

I also took the advice of my friend Maggie, who suggested I add an Amanita Muscaria (red poisonous mushroom with white dots) to my Alice's Wonderland shadow box.
Here is what I used for the big mushroom ...

And here it is finished ...with two smaller white "mushrooms" next to it (drawer pulls).

Thanks for the great idea Maggie!!

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