Monday, July 27, 2009

Brass Bed Garden Assemblage ... in the works...

This cool old brass bed had been at the local Good Will store for a couple of weeks, it had a price of $99.00 on it ... but just recently I noticed they had reduced the price... all the way down to $29.99!! With my discount coupon I was able to get the headboard and footboard for under $24! I am not using it for inside however, I am using it for a garden assemblage...and my daughter will be able to use it too for a cool background for senior photos, etc. that she'll be taking soon. I am going to find a planter (maybe one of my old metal chairs or an old weathered wood one) and maybe find a bench to sit on for the area too.

I pounded in two long iron stakes to set the frame over so it would stand and stay ... and those stakes will NEVER come out I put them in so deep... eek.*L* they are so far... I'm excited, I think they look pretty cool!


I've added a hanging plant and a chair planter to my brass bed frame, still looking for some kind of bench ...

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