Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freezing in Hayward...brrrrrrr ... where is the SUN?? the guys are off fishing ... it's waaaay too cold to kayak, I didn't bring a wetsuit! sheeeeeesh..*L* They guys must be toughing it out with that "antifreeze" stuff they drink, eh? *G*

Sooo, it's relaxing day for some of us...some went off to the Harry Potter movie intown, since there is NO sun out today and about 50 degrees...brrrrrrrrr.

Some of us were sitting around listening to songs... and singing along.. I'll have to edit this post and show parts of that later..*L*

But for now... it's off to meet the guys for lunch... bringing a sandwich along incase they didn't catch any fish... and wearing SOCKS with sandals... a fashion faux pas fer sure! *L*

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