Monday, July 6, 2009

Feline Shrine (found object assemblage)

I really am not fond of cats... however these items were too good to pass up and just seemed to go together to make a shrine of sorts. It can be used to store your dearly departed cat's things or remains ...on top is a little ceramic box that opens for storing cremated ashes or a favorite hairball your cat may have coughed up..*G* There is also a little bottle/jar with a cork top on the bottom which could be used for your kitty clippings or teeth even. On the bottom is a drawer to store your felines favorite collar or toy.

The painting was one I found at Good Will and I embellished with a necklace for the cat lady and a crown for the cat. A winged number 9 (for cat's nine lives) and a framed portrait on the side of another cat, a porcelain cat with a beaded collar sits on the shelf with the jar labeled "memories". A must have shrine for yer favorite feline!


John Robertson said...

Functional art. That’s great. I’m fascinated with the connections someone makes between a variety of objects that are then turned into another object. I’m sorry that I don’t have a dead cat to send you to enter into the mix. I do enjoy your art.

Roberta said...

John...I'm glad you don't have a dead cat to send me too!! *haha* Thanks for your kind comment too, I enjoy your art as well!