Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011~~!

Been awhile since I have posted here ...

It's been a hectic, busy time at work, at home, with Church things, family, friends and life.

I'm thankful for all those things though, just wish I had more hours in the day to make some art things more too! But soon.... I hope?

Last night John and I went out with friends, Randy and Sue and Deb. It was a fun time! We met here, then went out to Tubby's for the New Year's Eve steak and lobster special.. yum!! We ate early, avoiding the late night crowd there, and coming back to our house to play some Wii bowling. Deb, Sue and I even tried a few songs on the Just Dance II - *L*..what a riot that was!! It gave John and Randy some laughs - Ha!

It was an early night all around (yes, we're old and tired! *L*)...the "party" broke up before 11 p.m., John was snoring upstairs shortly afterward, and I stayed awake to watch the New Year's ring in, and fell asleep watching some old movie.

Then today we headed over to Harriett and Mark's for our annual family lunch, and the annual New Year's 99 game! There were tables set up all over the living room and dining room, and as the players were eliminated one by one, they combined into one final table.

This year's big winner was Hannah, who just barely beat my Mom (Nana) for the pot.

Those who were out of the game early, tried their talents at Wii Just Dance.... even the littlest ones got into it!

A fun time for all! Thanks Harriett and Mark for hosting us all again!

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