Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflector Gadget

Today, at Good Will, I had a stalker....

It wasn't something scary though, I myself have stalked another shopper at Good Will before too! *L* I see it happening often with others .... someone finds a really, cool, unique item, and you wish YOU had found the item first, and so, you follow that person to see if they intend to actually buy what they have in their cart, or if they are just thinking about it still, and may put it back on the shelf. I've listened in on conversations as I've stalked another shopper before, listening to hear if they might put the item back or not... and, I've been lucky to be able to grab it up almost before it's back on the shelf..*L* But, that doesn't happen often.

Today, I found this really cool candle holder/reflector, for only $3.99!! As I was walking up and down the aisle looking for more treasures, I could feel someone following me... and then, there he was, right in front of me, confronting me about the newly found treasure..."Are you serious about buying that?", he asked as he pointed to it in my cart. "If you are, I'd give you double the price for it", he said. I had to laugh, and shake my head NO. I told him I was excited to find it and for such a great price, and nope, I wouldn't sell it for even triple the price. *ha!* He shook his head and walked away disappointed.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this's pretty tall, about 20 inches tall. I want to use it in an assemblage, and not just use it for a candle holder...I love how it magnifies so much, and can't wait to find just the right thing to put on it. Pretty cool, eh? *S*


Terri Helms said...

What I think you found was an old candle holder that was used also as a spotlight of sorts, the magnifier made the light of the candle the equivalent of 10 candles. Not sure of the circ. though I know it was made way before electicity was around.

Name: Roberta / Mom / Gramma said...

Wow...thanks, that's pretty wonder I was being GoodWill stalked, eh? *G* It IS very bright when I put a candle in it, it hurt my eyes to look at the reflection coming from the candle light even!