Sunday, October 16, 2011

Copter Ride, Hay Fort, Corn Maze - A Fun Family Sunday

The local farm stand had a fun day of various events. I noticed they had helicopter rides, that were pretty reasonable, and knew the grandson's hadn't ever been up in a copter before.... (neither had I), so we invited them to get a ride and have some fun at Pearce's Farm Stand, just outside of Delavan in Walworth.

Janel, Jeff and I went up for the first ride, then John, Jake and Josh had their turn... (old)John stayed put on the ground - chicken! *lol*

After landing the boys headed for the hay fort and corn maze...

Josh ran into a guy wearing a Bear's sweatshirt and decided to show him how tough Packer fans can be!! *lol* (it was actually this Illinois guy's idea for this photo and was a lot of fun for Josh to pose for!) No actual Bear fans were injured in this photo opportunity..*G*

Children of the corn...eeeekkk!! Pretty corny eh? heh heh!

Tons of pumpkins to choose from too... but none as big as their dad's giant 876.5 pound pumpkin at home!

John and I had a lot of fun, a nice ride, and great afternoon with John, Janel, Jake, Josh and Jeff!

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