Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Latest Treasure Find at Good Will....

So, I may be... (or may not be) a millionaire...having purchased this old antique violin and case at Good Will earlier today. I WISH!! *lol*

It was a good price, and I couldn't pass it up even if it is pretty worthless. To me, the old wooden case alone was with the $14.99 I paid for it.

I'm sure, that if it isn't worth millions $$$$$, that I'll find some cool use for it in an upcoming assemblage piece.

Until then, my daughter and I are driving my husband nuts trying to play it.. hahaha..*screech*screech*screech* (horrible violin noises).. *lol*


Jane said...

I think you found a real treasure. And who knows it may be worth more plenty. You did good! Blessings jane

Name: Roberta / Mom / Gramma said...

Jane ... I'm mostly joking about it being worth a lot of money, but it 's still a cool piece, can't wait to be inspired to use it and the case in something soon!