Saturday, March 5, 2011


A nice day off! John & I spent part of it going to see grandson, Jake's hockey game, and spending time with grandson Josh watching it. Since it was a tournament weekend there, there were basket's for drawings, and other chances to win things. A lollipop tree caught Josh's eye, as he hoped to win $20 if he picked the right sucker. He tried several times, but alas, all he got was a lollipop and an empty sucker stick. *L*

Jake and his team had a good game! They won 6-3! Good going Beloit Blades!!
Jake was a real go-getter, even against some bigger players who liked to shove a lot.

It was fun watching Jake play, and fun spending time with Josh too (such a goof!) *S*.

Our other grandson Jeff, was at a birthday party, so we missed spending some time with him, but next time we will!

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