Saturday, March 19, 2011

Art & Fun with the Grandson continues...

It was a fun morning with Josh ... after breakfast we played a rousing game of "Catch Phrase" ... here are some descriptions of items Josh had to give me and I had to guess the word or item.
Josh - "You're happy! And it's on a beach".
Me - "Sand? Sun? Water?" ...
Josh - "Nope, a clam!- you know Gramma, happy as a clam?!" .. *L*

Josh- "Something you count" ...
Me - "numbers, money, things?" ...
Josh - "well Gramma, maybe you should remember to count this - it's CALORIES!"
... arrgghh.. *L*

Last night we had fun drawing cartoon characters, Josh is a great artist! It's been fun to do things together that we both have a passion for. So he was anxious to pull out his artcase of crayons, markers and paints again.

Today Josh asked me to think of some character to draw ... I said, "Why don't we draw a still life, do you know what that is?" Josh said, "Of course Gramma! We studied that in school too!", we looked on the internet and Josh picked out this still life for us to try to draw, it's called "Still Life - Naples".

Here are our renditions of the still life in marker and crayon. Josh did a GREAT job!! I plan on keeping this in a safe place so in 30 - 40 years when Josh is a famous painter, it will be worth millions! *lol*

A fun Saturday morning with Josh for sure!! After a quick trip to the dollar store, and picking up mashed potatoes & gravy and chicken at KFC for Jeff (some of his favorite things - and the potatoes and gravy should feel good on his throat)..we headed back to see how Jeff was doing and drop off Josh. Glad to see Jeff still doing so well, and he even ate chicken!! *S*

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