Friday, March 18, 2011

Grandson Overnight: In Search of the Beast ... Art Nite with Gramma ... Super Moon viewing thru the eyes of a 6 year old...

Our youngest grandson, Jeff, had his tonsils and adnoids out early this morning. It is same day surgery, and he was home, after spending a few hours in the recovery room, by about noon. Glad to see he was doing so well, although not talking so much yet, when I went to visit around 4 and pick up Josh for an overnight. Thanks to those who offered their prayers for his surgery and recovery... it seems to be going well!

So tonite it's Josh and I enjoying fun stuff! Josh brought his art books and art case with his crayons, paints, pastels and more! Love that he wanted to make it an art night! *lol* But first he had to watch a show on the Nick TV Channel about Big Foot. When I told him that there was a legendary beast like that around our area, he seemed interested, so I told him about "The Beast of Bray Road"! And then, of course we just HAD to go in search for him .. so off we went, as long as it was still daylight, I told him, we'd be safe...bwhahaha! *S*

But, alas, we only saw some tracks along the road in some melting snow, and couldn't be sure if they were squirrel, deer, raccoon, or some other kind of animal tracks.. *L* But, Josh was a bit relieved that all we saw was the Bray Road sign I think.. ha!

So, after making a stop at Josh's choice for dinner (Taco Bell to go and a McDonalds shamrock shake!), we headed home to eat and make some art.

What fun that was! Josh is a good artist, and his cartoon character renditions seem to have a Picasso-type element to them..*L* He chose what characters he wanted to try to draw, and we both tried our hand at it. I mostly drew the heads on mine, but Josh finished off parts of the body and some other details on mine too.

After the art fun, and a few games, we decided to look outside and see if we could see that "Super Moon" that was suppose be happening tonite and tomorrow night... It was a pretty bright moon, fun to see Josh excited about it too... *L*

(Note: turn off my playlist song to hear Josh on this short video clip.)

A supermoon is a new or full moon that happens to coincide with a close approach of the moon to the earth. Saturday's full moon will be the closest it has been to Earth in 18 years, according to
The distance between the Earth and the moon during the event will be about 221,567 miles, as compared to the average distance of 238,000 miles, according to
That may not seem like much of a difference (and compared to the distance it's not), but the diameter of the moon is only 2,159 miles. That means the moon will be over 7.5 diameters closer to Earth than average.

If you miss seeing the "super moon" tonite, you should still be able to check it out tomorrow night too!

It was a busy, and fun night... Josh is almost asleep, and I'm not far behind him! Thank you Lord for grandchildren!! ... and for Jeff's continued recovery!

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