Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adelaide's Diet Aids

Seems that diet fads back in the early 1900's were a bit bizarre.... Sanitized Tape Worms that helped banish FAT, easy to swallow and NO ill effects either!
And La-Mar Reducing Soap, guaranteed to wash away fat, and years of age too!

Poor anorexic Adelaide seems to have gone overboard on both products!

This fun Shadowbox Assemblage includes a skeleton body (from my grandson's Halloween lollipops), with a vintage head (formerly a pin). Adelaide has a vintage bead heart, and beaded brass umbrella. Her dog (brass) eyes one of the brass tapeworms warily. A fork and knife, along with remnants of a piece of La-Mar reducing soap, and vintage ads are featured inside as well. On the outside of the box, which sits on a distressed pedestal, a cloth tape measure lines the box sides, and another brass tapeworm sits on top.

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