Sunday, December 14, 2008

"The time has come", the walrus said, "to talk of many things..."

...Actually, the time has come to think of, and DO, many OTHER things... unfortunately, like putting art projects on hold for now, and getting Christmas decorations out, cleaning house, finish shopping, start preparing Brandy slushes for the freezer, yummy goodies, looking over recipes, and of course the dreaded well as finishing up Christmas and Sunday bulletins at work, etc..etc..etc..

Soooo, with much reluctance, I will probably not be making any assemblages for the next two weeks or so. I already know I'm missing it!

Time to prepare my heart and mind for the coming celebration of Jesus' birth too.
So, I'll repost this assemblage, it fits the season and coming celebration.. "The Present of Presence".

John the Baptist urged us to "Prepare ye the way"... have you prepared the way for the coming of Christ into your heart, your mind, your life during this hectic season..which should actually be a blessed season? My gosh, it's already the 3rd Sunday of Advent, it's long past time I should have started!
Lord, in Your mercy... hear my prayer.

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