Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Celebrations (early)...

We celebrated our family Christmas with our children and grandchildren on Sunday night. Kasey was already home, a few days earlier...Kaine brought home Jorden for a couple of days, arriving Sunday morning, and Janel, John, Jake, Josh & Jeff all came after Janel finished work for the day.

It was a fun time together, we just ordered pizza so we wouldn't have to cook, had some snacks beforehand.. a dessert bar that Janel made (yum!) and some stuffed mushrooms that Kasey & I made, brandy slush and assorted beverages.

We ate, opened the gifts, and then had fun with the kids toys *L* (btw, those remote control helicopters are a blast!! - it's like a giant dragonfly or mosquito buzzing you! ha)

Here are some photos of the fun... (thank you Lord for our family, our kids, daughter in law, grandkids and the many blessings you have given us all.)

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