Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have been following a blog that I think is wonderful....  some may think it's not so funny, but I get a lot of laughs from the posts, and enjoy the art that is part of it as well.   I suppose one reason I like it is because the author shows some unusual religious art from hundreds of years ago, that is actually a bit bizarre in some cases..*L*   I can relate, since I know some people think the same of my art assemblages, which are in no way as good as the art at this blog.

None-the-less, check out this great blog... The Squishy Jesus Taxonomy   and enjoy the comments on the art...hilarious!  (btw, go with a sense of humor!).

Here is one example .... and comment that goes with it...

Madonna and Child,  By Hans Holbein
72 × 55 cm
Sammlung Julius Böhler, Munich, Germany

"Alright kid--you're supposed to suck on that thing, not look at it all sideways and confused....
Also, those putti holding up the cloth behind you have fantabulous wings!!!! Can I have one?"

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