Monday, June 11, 2012

Ahhh, the Joys of Childhood.. and Grammahood!

 This afternoon Jorden and I picked up the grandsons, Jake, Josh and Jeff and headed over to see the new 3-D movie...Madagascar 3.  A fun, cute movie that we all loved!  Jake, the oldest grandson thought he was "too old" to be in these photos, but he seemed to enjoy the movie!

After a fast trip to the Dollar Store, we headed to Camden Playground.

A great park that I used to take our kids to when they were little too!
 The boys found a group of kids to play tag with, and Jorden found a little girl to play on the slides with too.

Watch out!! That lion will bite yer head off!

   Then it was time to take the boys home, and head back home for us too.

But first, Jake had to try to freak Jorden out by showing her his lizard...LOL ... and one of the "granddogs" decided he didn't like Jorden hugging "HIS" boys goodbye, and growled a lot at Jorden as she said goodbye to her cousins.
Cooter says, "Don't mess with MY boy Jake!"

A fun afternoon with all the grandkids together ... thank you Lord for the gift of grandchildren!

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