Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Recipe... Eggs Baked in a Dinner Roll...

Trying out a new kind of way to make baked eggs ... since we're having a pot-luck brunch this coming Sunday for Church ... Bishop's Visitation with Confirmations, I thought this looked like something to make for that ... but first I tried it out in a couple of ways.

Take a dinner roll, cut off the top (and save), hollow out the inside bread and add egg.  I did eggs two different ways, first I mixed two eggs with chopped green onion tops, some chopped black olives and shredded cheese (not much of the other ingredients however), poured them into the hollowed out dinner rolls.    The other way I took a piece of cooked bacon, broke into pieces and put on the sides of the dinner roll and then broke an egg into the roll, added salt and pepper.   Baked them about 15 - 17 minutes at 375 degrees.  I also took the tops to the dinner rolls and sprayed very lightly with olive oil pam, and put them in the oven the last few minutes to brown.

They turned out pretty good!  I just MAY do these for the Sunday Brunch!

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