Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pods - Now You See Them, Now You DON'T!!

Whooopppeeee!! After more than a year of these huge red storage pods on the front lawn of the Church, they are now history!

This was the view that people had to look at as they drove past for the last 13 months! UGGGHHH...

The storage pods DID come in handy for sure...storing tons of stuff we didn't have room for in other places as the renovations took place inside.

We've been working to unload all the stuff inside for over a month now, and finally yesterday, I finished cleaning up the last of the junk! Just call me Ms Clean Sweep!! *ha*... of course, now some of it is inside the church narthex (the new part) and how long it will have to stay there before we find a place for the stuff is anyone's guess....but, at least the pods are empty!

... and as of today...they are GONE!! YAY!!

All that is left is to seed the dead grass areas and mow the lawn that is left there ... (oh, btw, see that huge piece of plywood leaning against the flagpole ... anyone care to move it for me, it's waaaay too heavy! ... hoping for a magic plywood moving fairy to come overnight...*lol*)

One more project to check off the list of things to get back to normal around here...

.......but, have things EVER been normal??? *lol*

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